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Art.1 All application fees are non-refundable. 

Art.2 For absolute fairness, judges who have previously taught or coached applicants (including in masterclasses) are not allowed to judge their performances.


Art.3 The decision of the jury is final with no appeal.

Art.4 Candidates cannot claim legal rights to recordings and photos submitted or broadcasts that may be made in connection with the competition. All legal rights are reserved by the Las Conchillas International Music Competition and no fee is payable to any competitor for performances, photos, recordings or television broadcasts them.

Art.5 All information provided to us will be safe-guarded by privacy regulations.

Art.6 The award of prizes, trophies and cash awards are entirely subject to the discretion of the jury.  Jury may withhold prizes if the performances are not up to standard.


Art.7 By submitting an application to our competition, the competitor automatically agrees to fully abide to all rules and regulations specified by Las Conchillas International Music Competition.

Art.8 Provision of correct contact information and mailing address is the sole responsibility of the applicant. Las Conchillas Academy will not be held responsible for any failure to communicate with an applicant or to unsuccessful delivery medals/trophies and prizes due to incorrect correspondence information provided by the applicant.

Art.9 Las Conchillas International Music Competition reserves the right to make amendments to its rules and regulations.






Piano duet

Chamber music (duo, trio, quartet, etc..)




*Applicants who wants to apply for more than one category must submit an extra application for each category.


JUNIOR: 7-11 year old
YOUNG: 12-16 year old

EMERGENT: 17-21 year old
PROFESSIONAL: 22 and beyond




An unedited video of the performance submitted through the application form as a YouTube or Vimeo public link. Videos edited in any ways to alter the performance will not be accepted.


Please include the name of the participant, and name of the piece and composer, age category and instrument in the description of the video.

Make sure that the video is set to PUBLIC on YouTube or Vimeo. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that the video link is openable. 

The video must clearly show the face, hands and instrument of the performer(s). Professional recording is not mandatory.

However, the sound must be clearly audible.


Free repertoire from the baroque, classical, romantic or contemporary periods. The performance should be solo, with piano accompaniment or performance with orchestra with the following maximum lengths:
JUNIOR: up to 5 minutes long.
YOUNG: up to 8 minutes long.
EMERGENT: up to 10 minutes long.
PROFESSIONAL: up to 15 minutes long.

Composition Category: Please submit your score and audio/video with the previous time limits.

*Contestants can submit more than one video, as long as the total number of minutes is respected.



Grand Prize: 99-100 points
1st prize: 94-98 points
2nd prize: 87-93 points
3rd prize: 80-86 points
Honorable Mention: 65-79 points



*All contestants will receive a digital Participation Certificate. 

Prizes in total value up to 2.500.000 CLP will be distributed among selected winners. 

The jury has the right to reserve the Prizes and Grand Prix empty if the participants do not meet the requirements or split a prize between several contestants.

Contestants are given web presence on the Las Conchillas International Music Competition homepage and social media pages by publishing their name, photo, or video.


A selection of winners will participate in concerts in Canada (2024-2025).

Prize winners will be announced on the competition homepage.


Special awards will be granted based on the jury recommendations such as career consultations, participation to festivals, masterclasses, discounts, conducting workshops in Canada, Indonesia, Turkey, United States.

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