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Las Conchillas Academy

Las Conchillas Academy seeks to promote, support and contribute to the design and implementation of musical practice in childhood, adolescence and youth as an instrument for training in values ​​and strengthening the Chilean Cultural Space. Raising the quality of life of the children and young people of the province of Maullín is possible and through our Music Academy, we strongly contribute to the goal of improving education through music and developing a more integrated, diverse and innovative society.


Through the granting of scholarships, Las Conchillas Academy has benefited many young people from the province of Maullín and Puerto Montt in academic training programs and the study of musical instruments. Our educational entity seeks to be a space for cooperation and connectivity in the field of children's and youth musical practice and intentionally active participation in and with the community, positioning the arts and music as a philosophy of life in the Los Lagos Region and the country.

Our Competition

*The Las Conchillas International Music Competition: Nurturing Musical Aspirations and Connections


At the heart of the Las Conchillas International Music Competition (LCIMC) lies a powerful mission: to inspire and empower musicians from all corners of the world to reach for the stars in their musical journeys. We believe that music is not merely a craft but a profound expression of the human spirit, and our competition is designed to serve as a catalyst for musicians to achieve their fullest potential.


*Motivating Musicians to Pursue Their Dreams


In an era where aspiring musicians often face formidable challenges and uncertainties, we are committed to being a beacon of encouragement and motivation. LCIMC is not just a competition; it is a nurturing platform that provides musicians with the confidence and impetus to chase their dreams relentlessly. We understand that the path to musical excellence can be demanding, filled with highs and lows, but it's our unwavering belief that through determination and talent, great musical journeys are forged.


*Creating Opportunities for Meaningful Connections


One of the most significant facets of LCIMC's mission is the creation of opportunities for emerging musicians to connect with established figures in the world of music. We recognize that mentorship and guidance from experienced professionals can be transformative in shaping an artist's musical personality. Through our competition, participants have the chance to interact with distinguished musicians, gain valuable insights, and forge connections that can lead to lifelong mentorship and collaboration.


*Fostering Musical Personality and Artistry


At LCIMC, we celebrate individuality and the unique musical personalities that each artist brings to the stage. We firmly believe that it's the distinct voices, styles, and interpretations of musicians that enrich the world of classical music. Our competition acts as a canvas upon which participants can paint their musical visions, explore their artistic identities, and evolve as performers. We encourage musicians to embrace their creativity, experiment with their craft, and cultivate the authentic essence of their musical personalities.


In these times of uncertainty and change, LCIMC stands as a testament to the resilience and passion of musicians worldwide.


Our mission is clear: to motivate, to connect, and to nurture. We invite you to embark on this transformative musical journey with us, where your aspirations are kindled, your connections are strengthened, and your musical personality is honed to its finest. Join us at LCIMC, and together, let's create a harmonious future filled with boundless musical possibilities.


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